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David Julian : Photography Portfolio

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The Temple of Borobodur, Java, Indonesia
Seventy-two hollow stupas ring the stepped pyramid of this re-discovered wonder, the largest Buddhist temple in the world. A buddha can be touched by reaching within the spaces between the stones. This image is a double-exposure.

Osprey in Fog, Florida
I marveled at the osprey’s flight and its sharply creaking cry I was moved by the way the trees disappeared as do hands in a murkey sea.
Perfect warm light stilled the scene before my eyes
The moments I was put there to see were aware that I was changing

indonesia/ulun danu
Temple Ulun Danu, Lake Bretan, Bali

One Inch Tree Frog. Genus: Hylea, Nicoya Penninsula

Pink Bougainvillea Petals. Obidos, Portugal

Jumping Ship. Nazaré, Portugal

David Julian : Photography Portfolio

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